Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Pastor Rich Right Over


OK, I’m not really the best candidate for running playground games (although that might be a good change of pace), but I would like to get to know you in your own calling as a disciple! One way for that to happen is to have me “sent over” to you.
Once I am there, you can show me where you do ministry in your daily life. Maybe you work in an office. Maybe you volunteer. Maybe you care for a family member. Maybe you’re good at getting others to talk. Maybe you make sure a warehouse works efficiently. Maybe you’re a student learning the skills to do something new. Maybe you raise livestock. You get the picture…there are lots of different ways we are called to be disciples…and lots of different stories to share out of those varied experiences.
If your schedule and place of vocation allow, I would love to visit you there. If not, maybe we can meet for lunch or during a break time. In whatever way it can happen, let’s connect this summer! Give me a call. Shoot me a text. Get me sent right over to you.