SHARING THE WEIGHT BLANKET MAKING PARTY at Christ the Servant in Corydon SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 9 am-6 pm


A representative from the Sharing the Weight organization in Ottumwa will be at the Blanket Making Party to show us how to sew weighted blankets for her organization.  Her organization will bring everything we need to sew and put together the blankets except the sewing machines.  ANYONE CAN COME AND HELP.  If you would like to sew, please bring your sewing machine.  If you have a machine you can share, please bring it also.  There will be jobs for those who do not sew.  This is a come and go event – so if you cannot stay for the entire time that is OK.  Come when you can!  LUNCH and SNACKS WILL BE PROVIDED. To help the organization, we are asking for donations of fabric and monetary donations to help pay postage for mailing the blankets.  These blankets are free to families of autistic children but with a waiting list 4,000 requests long it is more than a year and sometimes two years before a blanket is available to them.