Ye Olde Copy Machine

Our church copy machine may not be quite as old as the one in the picture ; but, nevertheless, it is reaching the very end of its useful years. In order to replace our copier, the congregation voted on June 12 to raise $4,000 in special funds to purchase a refurbished copy machine. As this newsletter goes to press (and, yes, also to e-mail and to the web), we have already succeeded in raising $2,775 towards this goal. This is wonderful news as the smudgy marks coming off our old copy machine begin to grow more and more noticeable. (It would cost about $600 to properly repair the current copier…funds that would be better used toward a replacement.) To put it in different terms, we have enough to get us all the way through to the letter “R” in the alphabet of our printing. Now, we just need to get enough for the important letters of S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. Thank you to everyone who is helping us reach this important goal for our church communications.